Toscana ERP system
You can’t build a company of the future using the tools of yesterday!

Organize and control every aspect of your business using modern ERP & CRM tools in cloud.
Save time and money, work with less stress and have full control of your business.

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We are constantly working on development with aim to offer our clients the best possible solutions.

  • We invest in inovation
  • Simple and smart ERP / CRM solutions
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  • Advanced education & implementation
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Powerful Features

Reach contact database incl. CRM

All information about customers, suppliers, connected persons and companies are simply editable through powerful CRM system.

Time management and registration

Toscana makes management simple by allowing you to monitor your employees activities in real time.

Tasks and working tickets

Follow up and organize all activities in your company using a simple ticket system. Connect it with documents, time management, travel tickets, stock, invoices and all other important details in your company.

Invoices and bookkeeping

You can easily create invoices (incl. E- and fiscal- invoices), warehouse transactions and use a lot of other bookkeeping functions. Export data from Toscana ERP system in different formats adapted for using in prefered software for a bookkeeper.


Improve your business through an unique ERP system and save yourself a considerable amount of time and money.

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