ERP & CRM software for
improving the business of companies of all sizes

TOSCANA ERP & CRM CLOUD is a set of business software tools that integrate information from all departments within the company into a single system that can automate, accelerate, control and improve almost all processes within the company.

Toscana ERP & CRM system - boost productivity to 100% in all company departments.

Improve the business of your company and achieve noticeable results in a simple way:

TOSCANA ERP & CRM CLOUD is a set of business software tools that integrate information from all departments within the company into a single system that can automate, accelerate, control and improve almost all processes within the company.

The implementation of an ERP system is a big change for every company, but when the system “comes to life”, the total investment and effort will be rewarded many times over.

The basic parts of the TOSCANA ERP & CRM system are

* Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Customer database
- Integration of IP telephone exchange
- Detailed information on all activities towards customers
- System for recording all telephone conversations
- Notes for meetings and communication with clients
- Complaint management system
- Unified system for managing contracts and their archive

* Human resources
- Employee database
- Detailed records of working hours
- Documentation archive

* Customer inquiries and order processing
- All inquiries and orders in one place
- Forwarding emails, calls and direct customer inquiries to the ERP system
- Easy assignment of the person responsible for the inquiry or order
- Easy progress monitoring of an individual inquiry or order per responsible person

* Procurement Management
- Unique procurement system with detailed monitoring of all orders
- Option of group orders (from several persons or departments)
- "One click" system for entering orders according to accepted offers or cost estimates
- "One click" system for incoming calculation of goods, entry into the warehouse and reservation by projects
- System for sending and tracking inquiries to suppliers by projects and offers
- Management system for subcontractors and external services

* Products and services Management
- Database of products and services
- Option to enter or edit product variations (color, size, etc.)
- Option to input batch or serial number for all products
- Inserting product photos (for offers, review or web-shop)
- Product price calculation
- Product import and automatic price calculation via supplier XML link
- Automatic calculation of service prices (delivery, printing, complex services / products)

* Sales and project management
- Unique system for following up offers / projects in progress / delivery / completed projects
- System for fast creation of offers with monitoring of warehouse supplies
- Pre-calculations
- Complex calculations / estimates
- Monitoring the profitability of the project with exact calculation of the difference in purchase and sales price per project and manager
- Print of documents (offers, order confirmation, delivery notes, invoice ...)
- Document archive
- Direct connection to the ordering system, warehouse, work tickets, emails and documentation

* Production and service management
- Development and monitoring of work tickets
- Manage deadlines and production time
- Management of raw materials and storage
- Archive of client files and work files
- Print work tickets
- Management of external services
- "Real-time" record of staff working hours per work order
- "Real-time" records of costs per work order
- Final report per each work ticket

* Accounting modules
- Outgoing invoices (e-invoice, capture and pay, payment slips, automatic issuance of monthly invoices, credit notes and reverse invoices)
- Fiscalization / Second language / different currencies per invoice
- Records of incoming invoices
- Records of bank statements (payments / withdrawals) by accounts
- Travel tickets
- Cashier
- Records of workers with documentation archive in accordance with the Labor Act
- Records of employment contracts
- Records of employees' work in accordance with the Labor Act

* Inventory management
- Automatic entry of goods to the warehouse per created order
- Automatic issue of goods from the warehouse per project
- Unlimited number of storage places and / or warehouses
- Intermediate storage of goods
- Minimum supplies management
- Issuance of goods on "reverse" (with later return)
- Inventory system for annual calculation
- Periodic inventory to compare the condition of the warehouse
- Records of movement of goods according to purpose
- Recapitulation of the movement of goods according to purpose
- Recapitulation of the movement of goods according to purpose

* Supply Chain Management (SCM)
- Integration by project:
Orders / Purchasing / Calculations / Production / Warehouse / Logistics

* Marketing tools
- "Sales funnel" - analysis of incoming inquiries / finished projects
- Detailed analysis of sales results per staff / department
- Creating forms for use on websites
- E-mailing list
- Creating a Newsletter (with products or by template)
- Newsletter sending system

* Document management
- Upload documents and files by contacts / projects / work tickets
- Direct processing of Word and Excel documents
- Archive of business documentation (Offers, Issuers, Incoming and outgoing invoices, photos, etc.)
- Digitalisation of documentation

* Webshop
- Management directly from the ERP system
- Uses products, prices, descriptions, photos, etc. from the ERP system (as in offers)
- CRM system
- Online price calculation of complex products

* Statistics
- Statistics of product turnover by groups and codes
- Sales by products and customers
- Project statistics by status and products / services
- Statistics according to issued invoices
- Comparative statistics (with previous years)

We offer:

* Complete digital integration
* Professional consultations
* Affordable prices
* Excellent user experience
* Flexibility
* Extensibility
* Excellent customer service
* Cloud system


A user interface with which you know what you are doing

  • Unified display of inquiries, projects, crm activities, invoices, etc.
  • Sort table views as desired (inquiries, projects, crm activities, etc.).
  • Open any information from the table with one click.
  • The data is refreshed automatically.
  • Ability to view results by employee and time period.
  • Work efficiency monitoring.

Main features

  • A cloud system, all you need is a computer and the internet.
  • Centralized mode of operation.
  • CRM system tailored for quality monitoring of client communication.
  • Planning and running campaigns through an integrated calendar.
  • Automated offers creating with the options of copying items or the entire project.
  • Creating and sending invoices, review of financial analysis.

Regular updates and new features of the program are free of charge FOREVER.

Option to design modules according to your requirements.

We offer a advanced implementation and training program*

  • Save Time & Money with our advanced education
  • Software implementation accourding your company needs.
  • Live online training with your staff adapted to your company needs
  • Import of your products and services data into ERP
  • Import of your customers and suppliers data into ERP

Available with a 24 months contract. Contact us for details *

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