CRM for Sales and Marketing business

Lead management, generate contact lists, create and send newsletters, multiple pricelist options, marketing campaign performance monitoring, optimized for phones and tablets, e-mail client integrated

CRM for Sales and Marketing business:

It is difficult to reach new customers, it takes a lot of effort, innovative ideas and timely reactions. However, this is not where the sales process ends, this is where the relationship with the customer begins.

To give the customer a sense of satisfaction and security, it is required that a system can track a complete conversation from start to finish and remind you of the things that matter.

Toscana CRM & ERP is a system that tracks all sales activities from incoming inquiry to invoice delivery and it also does not allow you to forget about the agreed upon dates and important client notes. Set a reminder for what's important to you, create an appointment in the integrated calendar, enter contracts for completed jobs and automatically generate invoices with the extensive contact card where you can redefine all terms and conditions agreed upon by a client.

In addition to creating a classic offer, Toscana has an automated way to create Bonus Deals to help you stand out from the competition, along with the option to turn bonus deals into a newsletter.

A very useful tool in marketing campaigns is the option to create customer lists with specific parameters that can be assigned to specific sales staff in order to handle them more efficiently.

It is easy to send targeted newsletters by customer list, afterwards you can access the list by which you can do your sales activities. Each activity is logged and the status of each activity is changed depending on the actions performed per each client.

Due to the status and notes features, the lists are very transparent and easy to use, while on the other hand they are extremely effective in carrying out marketing actions.

No matter what you sell, how you sell or who your customers are, Toscana embraces the complete process and provides a great user experience.

Sales and marketing

The CRM system you can rely on

  • Quick and easy overview of all leads.
  • Categorize clients according to services and / or products you offer.
  • Filter and search by all parameters shown in the table.
  • Set the status of performed tasks.
  • View the last notes entered for each client.
  • Shortcuts to enter a new activity or edit an existing activity, as well as access to the contact information.

Main highlights:

  • Adapted to all kinds and types of sales and marketing
  • Work from any location or device.
  • The fastest CRM for creating offers.
  • Ability to connect IP PBX (telephone network).
  • Invoicing and finance module.
  • Shared and centralized data.

Regular updates and new features of the program are free of charge FOREVER.

Option to design modules according to your requirements.

We offer a advanced implementation and training program*

  • Save Time & Money with our advanced education
  • Software implementation accourding your company needs.
  • Live online training with your staff adapted to your company needs
  • Import of your products and services data into ERP
  • Import of your customers and suppliers data into ERP

Available with a 24 months contract. Contact us for details *

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