Analytics and reports

Business analytics has emerged as a powerful asset in today's market, yet it typically demands a significant amount of time. In the absence of a capable ERP solution, the process of generating a single analytical report could consume days. However, by harnessing the capabilities of Toscana ERP, you can now craft any report in a matter of minutes. This ERP system diligently captures and stores all user-entered data, neatly organizing them into analytical tables. By offering a comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting tools, it transforms data into actionable intelligence, helping your organization thrive in a competitive world. With Toscana ERP, your business has the power to make smarter decisions, drive efficiency, and achieve excellence.

Each data that is entered into Toscana can be generated into a report. The only limit there is your imagination. We will now mention some of the most used statistics in Toscana.

Optimizing sales performance with Toscana's sales funnel report

Among the most commonly used reports is the sales funnel, a valuable resource for monitoring the success of your sales efforts. Within this funnel, you gain precise visibility into how many offers have successfully translated into orders, along with a comprehensive overview of the total invoice amounts generated for these orders. Furthermore, if your sales team operates on commission, you can effortlessly calculate their earnings with a single glance at the report.

Enhancing inventory management using comprehensive reports

In addition to sales-focused reporting, Toscana ERP provides a suite of inventory reports, including analyses of inventory levels across different warehouses and insightful inventory turnover metrics. These reports enable you to maintain optimal stock levels and ensure the efficient flow of goods within your organization.

Real-time insights into the company’s financial health

For a holistic view of your company's financial health, Toscana ERP grants access to a wide range of financial reports. These reports encompass everything from reports on invoices to accounts receivables and payables, equipping you with the tools necessary for comprehensive financial analysis and strategic decision-making.

Maximizing production efficiency with detailed reporting insights

Efficiency in production is a key driver of success, and Toscana ERP's reporting capabilities extend to this critical area as well. Our reports offer granular insights into employee performance and material usage in production processes. By pinpointing bottlenecks and identifying areas for improvement, these reports empower you to optimize your production operations for maximum efficiency.

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