Production reports

Production reports generated by Toscana ERP software are crucial for managing manufacturing processes, optimizing production efficiency, and ensuring product quality. These reports provide insights into various aspects of production, helping organizations make informed decisions and improve their manufacturing operations.

Workforce performance analysis

Toscana ERP offers a range of production reports. Production lead time report calculates and analyzes the time it takes to complete each production order, helping to identify bottlenecks and improve overall efficiency. This is one way of monitoring your employees’ efficiency. You can also do that using a workforce productivity report. It evaluates the productivity of your manufacturing workforce by tracking hours worked, tasks completed, and labor costs associated with production. Additionally, you can assess how effectively production resources (machines, labor, and facilities) are being utilized. It helps in resource allocation and capacity planning.

Material usage and production cost analysis

The system also provides insights into actual material usage in production. Using a material usage report, you can analyze the consumption of raw materials and components during production. It assists in managing inventory and identifying areas for cost savings. Finally, you can also access a precise production cost report. You can analyze the cost breakdown of production, including labor, materials, overhead, and other expenses. This report aids in cost control and pricing decisions.

Inventory Reports

Inventory reports generated by Toscana ERP software are crucial for efficient inventory management, cost control, and informed decision-making. These reports provide a comprehensive view of your inventory, ensuring that you have the right products in the right quantities to meet customer demand. One of the most used reports, especially for accounting purposes, is the stock value report. This report provides a snapshot of the total value of your inventory on a selected day.

Another useful report is the stock-on-hand report. Offering a real-time overview, this report shows the quantity of each product currently in stock, helping you keep track of your inventory levels and avoid stockouts or overstocking. For companies with multiple warehouses, the system provides a report that shows the breakdown of inventory levels by warehouse or storage location, helping with efficient stock management.

Using Toscana, you can easily track the movement of your goods through stock movement report. This report tracks the movement of inventory items over a specific period, revealing which products are selling well and providing insights into demand patterns.