Sales reports

In the realm of marketing, a sales funnel stands as one of the most invaluable tools. Its primary role is to guide potential leads through a structured journey, ultimately transforming them into satisfied customers and thereby boosting your overall sales figures.

Sales funnel

A comprehensive suite of statistics and metrics awaits you inside Toscana ERP, and one of its standout features is the Sales Funnel. This dynamic tool allows you to get a comprehensive overview of all customer relationship management (CRM) activities carried out by your sales team. He meticulously follows every step, from the initial outreach to the final sale. With Sales Funnel, you can precisely monitor all offers and see their success. In essence, it offers insight into how many of those offers have been effectively converted into concrete orders. This invaluable functionality allows you to optimize sales strategies, fine-tune your approach and, most importantly, increase revenue for your business.

Product and customer analysis

In Toscana, you can also track sales by product. This report breaks down sales data by individual product, allowing you to see which items are selling best and which ones need attention. It includes the quantities sold, prices and revenue generated for each product. Additionally, you can track your sales performance by individual customer. This report analyzes sales per customer, helping to identify your most valuable customers, their buying patterns and any outstanding payments. It can also segment customers by demographics or location.

Monitoring the performance of the sales team and calculating the commission

Toscana also allows tracking of sales for each sales employee. The report shows the performance of an individual salesperson, including revenue generated, quotas achieved and commissions earned. Instead of spending hours calculating the commission for each employee, the system does it by itself and generates the necessary report within minutes.