Financial reports

Financial reports generated by Toscana are instrumental for assessing the financial health of your organization. Toscana offers the flexibility to customize these reports, filter data based on specific criteria, and export reports in various formats for further analysis or sharing.

Among the important financial reports within Toscana ERP, the accounts receivables and payables reports stand out prominently. These reports offer insights into outstanding balances for each customer, as well as any existing debts owed to suppliers. They form a fundamental tool for maintaining financial transparency and accountability.

Furthermore, the system efficiently generates reports detailing both outgoing and incoming invoices, serving as invaluable resources for accounting practices. These reports possess a high degree of flexibility, ensuring seamless customization to align with the requirements of your accounting system.

A significant asset within Toscana ERP analytics module is the Operating Cash Flow Report. This report plays an important role in evaluating an organization's capacity to generate cash from its core business activities. This ability is essential for fulfilling day-to-day commitments, fostering expansion, and establishing financial stability.

In the realm of financial assessment, Toscana offers an array of comparative statistics. These metrics provide the means to assess your company's financial well-being and contrast it with the corresponding period from the previous year, enabling you to discern progress and make informed decisions.