Toscana Dental ERP

Detailed dental record, scheduler for patients, appointments and orders, graphical preview of jaws with the possibility of marking the condition of each individual tooth, ordering and monitoring the consumption of materials in the laboratory, a workflow for monitoring each patients’ visit and performed procedures, quick invoice creation.

Software that is comprehensive & easy to use – Toscana Dental

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Toscana Dental ERP:

Although the vast majority of patients do not go to the dentist with a smile, they definitely go out with it after the procedure. Dental clinics do their best to make the patients feel safe, relaxed and satisfied. In order for the dental office staff to be prepared for any patient's fears, inquiries and problems they should conduct a thorough analysis of the patient and have important information available at their fingertips.

Dentists, on the other hand, need to know the exact appointment schedule, all the patients details as well as additional documentation to prepare for the procedure.Considering that it is a large number of patients and a very large amount of information, the only way to run a dental clinic properly is to use an ERP system.

With the needs of dental clinics in mind, we have built the Toscana Dental system, which covers all of the processes and enables seamless and easy operation with all of the information in one place.

Toscana Dental offers: an integrated call center with IP telephone connectivity, monitoring of calls and marketing campaign success, import of patients, visit and intervention planning, documentation archives, automated offer creation and invoicing, supported multilingualism for offers and invoices, workflow in which all this is visible by individual patient.

Ability to monitor the work of a dentist, the use of materials used for the procedure, direct entry of notes after the procedure so that the front office can prepare the bill or other documentation. Review and editing of patient records with graphical preview of the oral hygiene as well as creating and monitoring work orders for the laboratory, ordering of goods and monitoring the work of employees on a particular task.

With a cloud-based system, you don't have to worry about upgrades or servers - your data is secure and your software is always up to date.


Graphical overview of oral health

  • Quick and easy indication of the condition of an individual tooth.
  • Possibility to write an additional note for each tooth.
  • Automatic division of the procedures on the upper and lower jaw in the offer.
  • Divison of procedures by patient’s visits in the offer.
  • Service labeling system for each patient, depending on what they need to treat.

Main features:

  • Dental record with graphical preview of the oral hygiene.
  • Automated offer creation and invoice billing.
  • CRM with integrated module for a call center.
  • Workflow optimized for dental work with the option to customize all the steps in a procedure.
  • Supervision and planning of laboratory work tickets.
  • Ability to monitor the performance and effectiveness of the dentist.

Regular updates and new features of the program are free of charge FOREVER.

Option to design modules according to your requirements.

We offer a advanced implementation and training program*

  • Save Time & Money with our advanced education
  • Software implementation accourding your company needs.
  • Live online training with your staff adapted to your company needs
  • Import of your products and services data into ERP
  • Import of your customers and suppliers data into ERP

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