ERP system for Production

Automated module for ordering and keeping stock of goods, monitoring the work of employees, displaying all of the production costs in real time, project profit calculation, production process planning and the option of archiving all related documentation.

Grease up your production with the highest quality system – Toscana ERP

ERP system for Production:

In the last few years, manufacturing has had to adapt to the high demands of the customer and speed up processes in each segment. New technologies and machines have contributed a great deal to such development, but without a quality ERP system with which planning, development and quality control are done, it is impossible to remain competitive in the market.

We want to introduce you to the Toscana Production ERP system, which also includes a complete CRM solution for communication with the customer, automated ordering of goods, the creation of work tickets with predefined templates, an archive of all related documentation, unlimited quantities of warehouses and items, automatic monitoring of employees' working hours through work tickets, a way of keeping track of all the work costs in the production process, comparative statistics on completed tasks and a 100% accurate calculation of the difference in price per project completed.
Toscana ERP & CRM system is able to meet the demands as your business expands, no matter how simple or complicated the production is.

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Real-time production overview

  • Know the status of each production step at any time.
  • Automatically transfer work assignments to specific employees.
  • Get warned if the deadline is not met.
  • Customizable workflow for each step in your production process.
  • View all relevant information in one table.
  • Optimized for mobile phones and tablets.

Main features:

  • Reduce the time spent on manual tasks.
  • Automated modules for ordering goods and warehouse management.
  • Quick and simple login system to work tasks.
  • CRM included.
  • Keep track of all your production costs, including external services.
  • Plan production according to individual work and employee needs.

Regular updates and new features of the program are free of charge FOREVER.

Option to design modules according to your requirements.

We offer a advanced implementation and training program*

  • Save Time & Money with our advanced education
  • Software implementation accourding your company needs.
  • Live online training with your staff adapted to your company needs
  • Import of your products and services data into ERP
  • Import of your customers and suppliers data into ERP

Available with a 24 months contract. Contact us for details *

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