Printing industry

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Printing industry

Our software solution under the brand Toscana Print has been helping printing houses improve their organization for over 24 years. Initially developed as a solution for the printing industry, it now covers a wide range of functionalities, thus perfectly satisfying the needs of this challenging industry. Toscana Print helps you streamline and integrate various business processes, from order management to production planning, inventory control, and finally, financial management.

One of Toscana’s most important features for the printing industry is the automatic print price calculator. Using this calculator, anyone can easily make precise sales quotes within minutes, significantly reducing the time needed to respond to a customer. Toscana's capabilities extend to monitoring all production expenses, providing you with a comprehensive report after each project, detailing the precise time and materials utilized. This empowers your company to optimize its operational efficiency and minimize expenditures effectively. Toscana Print presents an all-encompassing solution enabling you to consolidate all your business processes within a single application. It offers a range of core functionalities, including:

  • Automatic print price calculator – calculations for all types of printed products
  • Customer relationship management
  • Efficient order management
  • Production scheduling
  • Real-time production tracking
  • Resource allocation – machines, labor, etc.
  • Inventory management, simple editing of raw materials prices
  • Control of production costs – estimated vs. actual cost comparison
  • Financial management
  • Data analytics – detailed statistical reports of your printing house
  • Web-to-print solution
  • B2B customer portal for ordering and real-time order tracking
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Datapons is an offset and digital printing company located in Skopje, Macedonia, with more than 23 years of experience in the graphics industry. They are one of the leading printing companies in Skopje, and they currently employ around 40 people. Their manufacturing facility is fully equipped with machines for post-print finishing: die-cutting, saddle stitching, trimming, gluing, binding, embossing/debossing, perforating, hardcover making and foil stamping, etc.

To better streamline their processes and achieve more efficient production, they decided to start searching for ERP software, and their final choice was Toscana Print. Toscana Print helped them digitalize many parts of their business, including production, which enabled them to reduce costs and improve quality control.

“Our printing house has been using the software for almost a year, and it has improved efficiency and communication in production and sales. It is a broad and all-encompassing program with many useful tools, reports, and calculations for printing production. The Toscana team is always available for adaptations needed or questions from the users. An essential software for any printing business!”
Olja Gerasimovska, Datapons CEO

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