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We can offer a great ERP solution with customisation to specific needs for each customer.






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Since 1999 Toscana ERP system is successfully used in companies around Europe.

Business knowledge from our partners during 20 years of our work was utilized together with newest technical capabilities to create an ERP system focused on organization and automatization of daily business processes within the companies around Europe.

During this work, the main aim was maximizing human and company resources to increase the overall efficiency of the company. As different companies need different solutions, we have implemented specific procedures for specific branches of business.

Now we can offer a great ERP solution for business with possiblity to customise it to specific needs for each user.

An innovative approach to how the system works and the logic behind its operation is recognized by partner companies which have profited greatly from the beginning of using the Toscana system, and have decided to invest in further developing of this ERP solution.

The Toscana system is developed by a team of business people for business purposes using the newest tehnologies and experienced developers to reach those goals. We maintain this principle of system development also today, listening to the REAL and concrete problems that users encounter, where by working together we create TOP ERP solutions for your business. As a result, the Toscana ERP system has been continuously developing and improving for 20 years. We are present in 12 countries of the European Union, where the Toscana ERP system successfully serves their customers for ease of doing business but also generating significant business savings.

A great relationship with our clients is the key to success and a way of working that excels us in the market. Our technical support is available each working day during working time but there is also a phone line for emergency cases available from 0-24 h each day.

Why Toscana ERP & CRM?

1. Unique ERP solution for your business
2. Cloud business solution usable at desktops, tablets and phones
3. Individual upgrade and customization to customer requirements
4. Support available 24/7
5. Affordable price
6. 20 years of experience
7. Continuous improvement of the system, in accordance with market requirements

... EU Cloud solution
... 6+ languages
... Responsive
... Customizable
... Safe