ERP & CRM for Service companies

Product, customer and supplier databases, unlimited types of warehouses, (option to specify stock per vehicle), integrated travel tickets, work orders fully customized for field work and optimized for all types of mobile devices, enabled digital verification of field working tickets, accounting module included.

The perfect work field assistant – Toscana Service

ERP & CRM for Service companies:

Tracking field work has always been a problem for the service industry and completing work reports takes too much time for service technicians instead of focusing solely on their job, especially if those orders are in paper form and have to be typed into the system afterwards.

The consumption of materials by individual work ticket is also very important, but a service is rarely able to know how much material was used in the field with certainty which is a big problem for the administration.

Toscana Service is a solution that integrates complete service needs from office work related to client communication, scheduling work and organizing service technicians, monitoring the work of services and consumption of materials for each service order, automated offer creation, invoicing and financial business. While on the other hand, it allows the service technicians to have a comprehensive list of daily, weekly or monthly working tasks, enter field reports directly into the system via phone or tablet, print a work ticket and be able to get a customer signature in the field, as well as enter travel tickets in adjusted form.

It should be emphasized that it is a cloud-based system which means that in real time information is shared as soon as the service providers enter the data in the field, the administration in the office can do their part and vice versa.

Also the service technicians log in to each work task and the system automatically calculates time, so it is possible to monitor what task the service technicians are currently on in real-time, what they have finished and which materials have been spent or used. It makes it easy for everyone to do their daily tasks, without typing or filling out a bunch of paper forms since all the information is very easily accessible.

Service companies

Mobile or tablet view

  • Fully customized for field work.
  • Import all types of files quickly and easily.
  • Review current tasks by priority.
  • Easy to log into work assignments.
  • Direct input of reports and travel tickets.
  • Print a work order with a report and the option of a client signature.

Main features:

  • Cloud-based solution for sharing all information in real time and working from anywhere.
  • Combines complete office + field work.
  • Customized form for login to work tickets and input of material consumption.
  • Optimized for phone and tablet.
  • Adjusted overview of working tasks per employee.
  • Warehouse management.
  • Material consumption tracking with a 100% accuracy.
  • Filling out work reports and entering travel orders in the field.
  • Option of a signature by the client via phone or tablet.
  • Upload images directly to work ticket using a mobile device's camera.
  • Upload of all necessary documentation.

Regular updates and new features of the program are free of charge FOREVER.

Option to design modules according to your requirements.

We offer a advanced implementation and training program*

  • Save Time & Money with our advanced education
  • Software implementation accourding your company needs.
  • Live online training with your staff adapted to your company needs
  • Import of your products and services data into ERP
  • Import of your customers and suppliers data into ERP

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