23.07.2020 / Josip
Advantages of a webshop generated by an ERP system worth considering

Anyone who has ever tried to create their own webshop knows that this is a long and complicated process. It seems simple at first, you need to provide a list of products with descriptions and images, reach an agreement on the design of the website ...

23.07.2020 / Josip
Digital Transformation of a Service Business – How and why?

Digital transformation of your busines is never easy no matter how you do it. It is a difficult process that involves completely changing the work habits of your employees while still maintaining productivity at a high level.

Even though th ...

23.07.2020 / Josip
Automating offer creation and speeding up print price calculations

The most frequent problem in the print industry is price calculation which has to include various parameters that all lead to the final sales price of the product. The calculation is usually done by people with vast knowledge of the industry and a ...