Digital Transformation of a Service Business – How and why?

23.07.2020 / Josip

Digital transformation of your busines is never easy no matter how you do it. It is a difficult process that involves completely changing the work habits of your employees while still maintaining productivity at a high level.

Even though the system where service technicians (or field workers) take up a bunch of paper printed tasks every morning is tried and true, it is always accompanied by a bunch of administrative tasks, not to mention the amount of reports and travel orders the field staff submits to the administration for further processing.

Material consumption and working hours of employees are especially difficult to monitor, no matter how detailed your records are. To combat those issues, it is absolutely necessary that you consider a solution that keeps your work procedures exactly the same but reduces administration by 80%!

Toscana Service is an application we developed exclusively for the needs of service businesses. We believe that it is very important for service workers that the system does not slow down their work so they can remain focused on the task at hand while the system records all important information in the background. Another advantage is that the system is available on phones and tablets so it is possible to enter spent materials, write a report or validate a field order at all times

Service technicians check their to-do list sorted by deadline from the most urgent to the least urgent as well as access the details of the order, report their working hours, check the status of the warehouse, fill out field reports, enter consumed materials, digitally verify customer documents and see all documentation related to the task all on their tablets or smartphones.

Employees that work on the administration can monitor and organize the task lists and teams of people who are on the field in real time through a specially adapted dashboard.

When a report, travel order, note or document is immediately archived and linked to a particular order which is then visible in the system, no matter where they are in the field

Avoid unnecessary paperwork and retyping that same data into the system. Invest your valuable time into growing a business and focusing on what matters to you.