B2B customer portal

30.11.2022 / Spasenija

Excellent customer experience lies at the center of every successful business. Today more than ever customers want simpler and faster, and here we are not only referring to B2C, but also to B2B sector. There are a lot of suppliers who offer similar quality at a similar price and therefore a deciding factor in choosing a partner is often customer experience. It is for this reason that B2B customer portals have been developed. They offer customers very simple ordering, tracking and control over all their orders.

B2B customer portal is an integral part of Toscana ERP system. In this article we will discuss further about what it represents and what benefits it brings to the companies.

What is B2B customer portal and how does it function?

B2B customer portal is a platform through which each registered customer can make and track his/her orders, access invoices, check the availability of certain products etc.

Immediately after the order is created, it will be displayed in your Toscana ERP and you will be able to process it further. Through the portal, a customer can track the status of his/her orders in real time which means that he/she knows at all times in which stage of production a certain order is and when can he/she expect that product to be delivered. Furthermore, a customer can track and download complete documentation related to the project, view complete order history, attach files to the orders and access all his/her invoices.

The ordering process through the portal is quite simple and fast. In just a few clicks, customers can enter their order, without any calls or emails. Each portal is personalized for a customer, so it contains a list of selected products that customer most often orders with all the discounts that the customer has. Customers have the possibility to choose the products from their personalized catalogs, enter the quantities and attach a file if needed and with that the order is made. Other possibility for the customers is to make the calculation themselves using the automatic print price calculator (this refers only to new products which that customer has never ordered before).

Benefits of B2B customer portal

Sales tool available anytime, anywhere

Through the portal, customer can place their orders at any time of the day. They are no longer limited to supplier’s working hours, but can actually order at a time that suits them the best. Moreover, such portal opens new possibilities for the companies to expand their market reach as it allows customers from all over the world to place and easily track all their orders.

Increases customer satisfaction and retention

A simple ordering process and the availability of all necessary information at any time results in greater customer satisfaction and thus their retention. Customers can make all the changes on the project themselves through the portal and the supplier will be notified immediately. They do not need to make calls or emails, which saves them a lot of time.

Personalized customer experience

Such portal offers customers personalized customer experience as it is completely adjusted to their needs. On their portal, they can find a personalized catalogue of products which supplier has previously adjusted to fit their needs.

The benefits that B2B customer portals bring to the companies are numerous and therefore it is not surprising that more and more companies decide to invest in them.

The portal is also an integral part of Toscana ERP so all our users can enjoy the advantages of such a portal without any additional investment.

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