Automating offer creation and speeding up print price calculations

23.07.2020 / Josip

The most frequent problem in the print industry is price calculation which has to include various parameters that all lead to the final sales price of the product. The calculation is usually done by people with vast knowledge of the industry and a lot experience in order to make the experience as quick and as painless as possible. After that the price is either put into an offer or forwarded to colleagues

The problem lies in the fact that in one company there are not many such employees and one always has to wait for the other to get the final price. Nowadays, this is no longer acceptable because the customer will not wait for long until turning to another company.

Additionally, this way of calculating creates stress and nervousness among the employees. The person doing the calculation also suffers as he must always be available to everyone at all times.

We are proud to present a solution to the problem through Toscana Print. We have designed a way for you to calculate the price for all print methods. It includes screen print, offset and digital print where all the associated costs are also taken into account. The person making the offer does not have to know how to calculate as the system does that automatically.

This means that once the setup for the calculation is done, it is possible to assign the job to an employee who has no previous experience in the industry. The offer will be created in record time without needing to involve additional employees for help with Toscana Print.

Companies facing these problems need such a solution to remain competitive in the modern market. The complete know-how that has been accumulating for years inside experts’ heads, diaries, excel spreadsheets and other various media has been transferred to a unique calculation system where the person using it does not need to see or know the whole process that goes into the calculation because it is not necessary for making the offer. The final price is calculated in a couple of clicks by entering the parameters requested by the client.

In this way, you ensure extremely quick preparation of offers and answers to customer inquiries and you also have time to organize the procurement and delivery of goods.