Real-time shop floor control

Real-time shop floor control using Toscana ERP system enhances visibility, efficiency, and decision-making, ultimately leading to more streamlined and agile manufacturing processes. It enables you to respond quickly to changing conditions and deliver higher-quality products to your customers.

The production dashboard offers a comprehensive snapshot of your production processes. With just a glance, you can access a wealth of information about all ongoing orders. This includes the current production stage of a specific work order, the assigned personnel, completed steps, the expected production deadline, product details, client information, and more. Additionally, the dashboard provides valuable insights into design approval status and material readiness for each order. The dashboard's user-friendliness is remarkable. At a glance, the color-coded orders offer a clear indication of their current production status.

Enhanced by advanced search filters, you can effortlessly pinpoint and locate specific orders that meet your criteria.

What's even more impressive is that, as Toscana operates as a cloud-based solution, this functionality is accessible remotely. This means that with Toscana ERP, you can gain real-time visibility into your shop floor operations from anywhere in the world, without physically being on-site.