Material requirement planning

Material requirement planning helps ensure that the right materials are available at the right time to meet production demands while minimizing excess inventory.

When a work order is being generated, the system automatically identifies the required materials for producing the chosen product and assesses their availability. If the material is in stock, it presents the option to reserve it, ensuring it's earmarked for your project and preventing allocation to other tasks. However, if the material isn't on hand, it is highlighted in red, accompanied by the option to place an order with the supplier. Since Toscana's functions seamlessly integrate, you can effortlessly monitor the order's progress and adjust production plans accordingly. Once the material arrives, it becomes visible on the dashboard, signaling production staff to commence the process promptly.

Furthermore, Toscana ERP maintains a comprehensive database of bills of materials (BOMs), offering insights into the components required to construct specific products. This resource simplifies the process of understanding the product's composition.