Document management

The organization of work order documents has never been more straightforward. Within a work order, you have the capability to store documents received from the client, utilizing them as a foundation for graphic design, incorporating them into the work order, and sending them directly to the client. Furthermore, you can include all preparatory materials required for the machines within the work order or establish a connection to your local hard drive for convenient document storage. Every document is categorized with precisely defined locations, ensuring error-free archiving procedures.

In Toscana, you never have to worry about losing or not being able to find a document. Toscana ERP system provides a centralized and secure repository for all production-related documents. They can easily be retrieved at any given time and used for future projects. Advanced search filters allow you to find any document you need within seconds. Users can search for documents using various criteria, such as keywords, document type, date, or project name.