Analytics and reports

Analytics and reporting in production are indispensable tools for optimizing processes, reducing costs, enhancing product quality, and meeting customer demands effectively. By harnessing the power of data and analytics, manufacturers can gain a competitive edge in today's dynamic market. Toscana ERP offers a wide variety of analytical reports in production.

One of them is the employee productivity report. Toscana provides detailed reports on the work done by each employee and the time spent on each work order, which helps you see how efficient they are. Analyzing labor hours and performance metrics aids in workforce optimization and training programs.

In Toscana ERP, you can also track resource utilization. By analyzing the utilization of resources such as machines, labor, and materials, you can optimize resource allocation, reduce idle time, and increase productivity.

Another important report is production cost analysis, including materials, labor, overhead, and maintenance expenses, which enables cost reduction initiatives and better pricing strategies. Frequently, companies find themselves manufacturing a specific product at a deficit without even realizing it. By gaining visibility into the actual production costs, this data can be used to appropriately adjust pricing strategies, thus ensuring that profitability is not compromised.

Employees also have the possibility to record when a machine is malfunctioning, allowing for a downtime analysis. Identifying the causes of downtime and analyzing their frequency and duration helps in implementing preventive maintenance and reducing production disruptions.

Using these reports allows you to readily identify production bottlenecks and assess their influence on the overall manufacturing process. Armed with this insight, you can create strategies to mitigate their effects.